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// 2024

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Martin Ferreyra

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// April 2024

Nicklas Johannes

// March 2024

Alexandra Duprez

// March 2024

Saar Scheerlings

// February 2024


// February 2024

Cedric Piere Bez

// February 2024


// November 2023

Henrik Godsk + Kazuma Koike // Stille

A two man show with a wonderful, well composed poetic contrast. Painting vs stoneware. Color vs no color. Rising star’s, sought after, skilled, on fire, and one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year.

// September 2023

Zimpel (Wave) / Munch (Grim Grace)

Christina Zimpel and Line Munch showing both side―by―side and by themselves. Sharing rooms, but each showing in their own right. Beautiful simplicity by Zimpel. Naïve and sharp vs multi―colored, thick glazed, elegant, and brutal stoneware by Munch.

// August 2023

Alvar Mena // Nostalgia is Capitalism

Spanish wildfire. Nostalgia is Capitalism is Alvar Mena’s comment to the (in some eyes) vulgar, materialistic society we live in in the western world. He loves it. He hates it. Seeing it through his eyes you might get a new perspective.

// June 2023

Grgur Akrap // Garden of Beasts

Grgur Akrap’s first solo with us. A beautiful, well composed fabel. Grgur Akrap paints like he is from another era; as if his output is spun upon a deeper insight and knowledge long gone. It’s thick, beautiful, moving, and both old and new at the same time.



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